Whether a couple has been separated or contemplated divorce, the prospect of working through some conflicts can often be more than a couple can accomplish without help. Rebuilding a life together after a marriage has deteriorated requires the tools for establishing respect, boundaries, and a new pattern of communication in the relationship.

Here are some things couples have said about the “Restoration Course”:

“Marriage is difficult, and I have had many doubts over the past year that my marriage would survive. I have a lot more confidence that we can make it work after taking the course.”

“What we received made permanent changes in our relationship.”

Minnesota Mediation’s Restoration Course is a non-therapy program using the Life Innovations’ “Enrich” inventory and six sessions (usually bi-weekly) for evaluation and discovery of new boundary and communication skills. It has been extremely successful in changing the way couples interact. The process restores the balance of power and rebuilds relationships on a new foundation of honesty and respect.