Pick ENE Program Getting Results

In December of 2011, a Steering Committee led by Judge Krista Martin launched a four-county ENE (Early Neutral Evaluation) Program to mediate all new divorce and custody cases filed in those counties. It took many months of training and preparation, but now the team of Evaluators has been seeing the success of the program as the courts dockets are cleared and families are spared the relational and financial cost of court proceedings.

Evaluators Bob Roby and Cristel Tack have settled every case they have been assigned so far, and are even more sold on this process now then when they began. Bob is also getting more calls for private ENE and Mediation as news of the effectiveness spreads. Bob says, “I would like to see this adopted in every county in Minnesota”. If you would like to know more, please call him at 763-221-4760.