Life is short... Why spend it in court?

Everyone who comes into our office has one thing in common: The status quo is no longer an option. Every client is facing a significant life change.

Minnesota Mediation Services, LLC—formerly known as Peacemaker Mediation & Restoration, LLC*—is based in Cambridge, Minnesota. We provide qualified evaluative, adjudicative and mediation services, as well as relationship skills courses for pre-marital couples and couples involved in serious relational conflict. Services offered include:

  • Mediation
  • Early Neutral Evaluation
  • Administrative Hearing Services
  • Couples Conflict-resolution
  • Pre-marital Courses

We are well acquainted with the personal and financial costs of conflicts that end up in the court system, and are committed to helping our clients find ways of resolving disputes that will avoid additional cost and damage to relationships.

Our Mission:

To Facilitate Conflict Resolution & Restoration of Relationships in
Families & Communities.

Our Clients Say:

“Marriage is difficult, and I have had many doubts over the past year that my marriage would survive. I have a lot more confidence that we can make it work after taking the course.”

"What we received made permanent changes in our relationship."

"I do not like to share my feelings, but somehow I did and we were able to discuss some difficult subjects that I would have avoided before the course."